Lisa Welsh
Lic# 01856346
F: 866.312.7819


For individuals or companies who are considering the purchase or sale of a property, it’s important to have a real estate professional you can trust.  Having a realtor who can navigate the changing waters of the real estate market with integrity and honesty is not just helpful, it’s imperative. That’s why it’s my pleasure to introduce Your Property Connection, Inc as Northern California’s premier real estate brokerage.

Lisa Welsh, the CEO and primary broker at YPC, is committed to making her clients’ real estate experiences as stress-free as possible, establishing clear communication and understanding from the first contact.  By educating clients on what to expect and working with all parties to eliminate any messy or frustrating surprises, she makes sure that the process doesn’t have to be a guessing or waiting game.

Prior to establishing her brokerage, Lisa was an investor, so she knows the buying and selling process from both sides. While some of the agents she worked with were terrific, there were others for whom she felt she was nothing but a phone number and a bank account.  Those frustrating experiences made her realize that there was a need for caring, service-oriented agents who are focused on the client, not the bottom line.  Lisa truly loves what she does, and part of that is because she finds a great reward in service to others. Honored to have been selected by Sacramento Magazine since 2012 as a provider of exceptional service, she is among the top 3% of realtors in a four-county area.

Because of that deeply rooted desire to serve her community, Lisa has recently reformatted a few of her programs.

  • B2B program offers business owners and employees a 15% rebate of the realtor’s side of the commission.  Simply put, it puts money back into the clients’ pockets.  An additional benefit of the B2B program is a coupon referral, which allows businesses to provide a coupon to their clients which gives a 10% rebate simply for being their customer.
  • Seniors Move program is our all-inclusive program is focused on helping those individuals who are moving into their golden years, who have earned a little extra care and concern, to sell their homes in an easy and hassle-free manner.
  • Pay It Forward program, if you’re a member of law enforcement, the military, the fire department , emergency services, and healthcare professionals you see things every day that most of us will never have to face.  Teachers, the future is in your hands.  All of you have taken on incredible roles to care for other individuals.  When it comes to buying or selling a home, (YPC) want to give back, in appreciation.  A 20% rebate of the realtor’s side of the commission. 
  • Free loan modifications help our clients modify their loans so they can spend their time enjoying their lives, rather than figuring out how to pay for them. 
  • Short Sale Expertise gives our clients control over their lives again
  • VIP Clients gives rebates to our past clients and their family as a Thank you for trusting us with your own transaction and your referrals.

At YPC, we believe that the customer is our most valuable resource.  Houses and properties will come and go, but positive experiences and relationships will be long-lasting.  That’s what we aim to provide here.  Our vision is to simplify the process, and in doing so, to empower our clients.  By working together openly and honestly, coming up with creative solutions and strategies, and by being willing to do what’s right for our clients, we achieve our mission to make lives easier, before, during, and after the transaction.  At YPC you get honest service, professional integrity, and a hassle-free real estate experience.  We’re so excited to be a part of your experience, and we look forward to working with you.

Hand Holding
“There were frequent updates, even if just to say that nothing was new. Lisa did a wonderful job of hand-holding me during a heart-wrenching process.” Renee, moved to Kansas City.
Get the world off your shoulders
“Their knowledge of the process relieved a lot of stress. If you would like to get the world off your shoulders call Lisa.” Jay, W. Sac.
Expertise & Knowledge
“Lisa has the expertise & knowledge to do arduous short sales, they can do any real estate transaction.” Newton, Rocklin
No one Better
“There couldn’t be anyone out there that could possibly do anything better.” Shirley, Granite Bay