Partnering with Agents to give their clients exemplary service and the expertise needed to close a short sale transaction is part of what we do.  Wondering what we do, here is a list of responsiblities for the agents we partner with and for us.  You will see, you do nothing more than what a traditional transaction would call for.  


 Your Property Connection Responsibilities (depending on which program is chosen)

Communicate & Speak with your Client and gather the necessary documents for the Lender(s) – Using some YPC documents & lender documents.

Set up a file for Short Sale

Submit Short Sale package and offer(s) to lender

Communicate with Title Company for HUD

Communicate with HOA / IRS– if delinquent (extra fee required)

Give Buyer/Listing RE Agent(s) & seller updates –via email

Communicate with Lenders(s)

  • Get appraisal/BPO ordered from the Short Sale Bank (SSB).
  • Get payoff statements.
  • Get Lender negotiator assigned.
  • Get any changes / terms from the SSB and relay them to the Listing Agent to negotiate
  • Receive the final approval if the offer that Agent/Broker brought in is accepted.  Possibly with a full release of Seller responsibility.
  • Provide a Tax Packet for the Agents Client.

 RE Broker/Agent Responsibilities

  • Sign YPC/Agent Agreement
  • Secure and prepare the property for listing
  • Get Listing Agreement/Purchase & Sale Agreements & necessary RE documents signed
  • Find a qualified buyer for the property
  • Communicate with YPC on Buyer status
  • Counter Clients/Seller
  • CLOSING THE DEAL with title company/buyers Agent
~I will never do another short sale without you, Brianne 2017.
~I don't usually give testimonials to anyone, but you deserve one.  If your an agent, use Lisa & her team to do your short sale, she gets it done and calms my clients.  Tony 2017
~Thanks for not giving up on my client, I couldn't have done it without you. Kathy, 2016

Short Sale Facilitation

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