Best Month to Sell My House?

There are definitely better months of the year to sell your home than others.  Let’s take a look at the months of the year and why they are better than others.


  • January – Getting back to school, holiday trips and back to work make it difficult to look at homes.
  • February – Sellers are starting to think of selling their homes, preparing them for sale, working on cleaning out the junk and doing some updates and repairs.
  • March – Spring is on it’s way, sellers are working on the outside of the house and creating curb appeal.
  • APRIL:  Listing in April (SPRING TIME) will get you a close date May (if priced right).  Buyers are starting to come out of hibernation and start looking.
  • MAY: Listing in May (PERFECT TIMING) nice weather, your home is ready and buyers are looking.  Close date in June Kids are out of school, move is easy, buyers can enjoy their summer. END OF MAY: graduations/summer begins there is a lul in the buying market.
  • JUNE: Early June not so awesome to list kids are out of school, vacations have been planned.  MID JUNE:  Great opportunity to list your home.
  • JULY: Last change before school begins.  Some area’s of the country school begins in August.  Families want to be settled in, registered and ready to go for the new school year.
  • AUGUST:  You can list your home but the buying season is starting to winddown so your pool of buyers is reduced by 25% at least.
  • September: School is in full swing, people are starting to get ready for the holidays.  Buyers perceive this time as “GETTING A GOOD DEAL”.
  • October – November – December:  Again these are “GOOD DEAL MONTHS” less buyer competition.

Other things to consider are housing inventory, days on market, and pricing.   Check out our blog for more on these topics.