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TAX TIME bought or sold a home last year?

If you bought or sold a home last year, immediately after closing you should have received a copy of the CLOSING STATEMENT that contains all the official charges and credits of your home purchase. The CLOSING STATEMENT is a breakdown of the expenses home sellers and home buyers incur in […]

Best Month to Sell My House?

There are definitely better months of the year to sell your home than others.  Let’s take a look at the months of the year and why they are better than others. MONTH January – Getting back to school, holiday trips and back to work make it difficult to look at […]

We Make Moving Easier

Moving is hard but we are here to help! Use our FREE moving concierge service and we will help you get up and running faster in your new home.  It’s quick and easy.  CLICK the Moving Concierge link below and let me know what services you’ll want help with, our […]