Closing Costs

My purchase price was only $400,000 and I need to bring in how much over my down payment amount?

Closing Costs

The cost of purchasing a property extends beyond the purchase price. There are several “HIDDEN” costs that you, as the buyer, will need to bring to the table.   Your Property Connection (YPC) always works with your lender and title company to ensure you are fully educated on what it will really cost you to close on a home.

The following are the costs that you’re responsible for:

  • Title & escrow fees (most of these are your “TERMS” on the contract which can be negotiated)
  • Lender’s fees (these are the BUYER fees associated with the loan)
  • Inspection fees
  • Other

Let us talk details.


Recurring costs are fees that will happen on a recurring basis, either monthly or annually.

The following are recurring closing costs associated with buying a home these will be paid upon close of escrow

  • Fire insurance premium
  • Flood Insurance (if required)
  • Homeowners Association Dues (HOA)
  • Private Mortgage Insurance Premiums (PMI) is necessary only when you are putting less than 20% down
  • Mortgage Interest
  • Real Property Taxes (you will pay the portion of taxes from the time you close through the end of the end of the year)
  • Home warranty (negotiable)


Non-recurring costs are 1 time fees, these are due by the close of escrow

There are non-recurring costs associated with buying a home these will be paid upon close of escrow except for inspections & appraisal are paid prior to close.


Title insurance premium

Recording fees

Endorsements to title policies

Sub-escrow fees (if applicable)

Re-conveyance fees

HOA document transfer

Transfer tax (City & County)

Escrow fees

Loan tie-in fees

Notary fees

Courier/Delivery fees

Document prep fees

Electronic document processing

Survey fees (if applicable)


Appraisal fee

Credit Report

Lender’s inspection fee

Loan payoff fee (if applicable)

Flood Certificate (if applicable)

Loan origination fee

Loan processing

Document processing fee

Tax service fee

Disclosure reports

INSPECTIONS (these are paid prior to close of escrow)

Pest inspections

Home inspection

Roof inspection

HVAC inspection

Other necessary inspections

Repairs that the seller did not agree to do if required by the lender.

What is actually due at the time of closing? 

  • Your down payment
  • Approximately 5% above and beyond the down payment to pay for all the recurring & non- recurring closing costs.