Tracy knows home buying is stressful and works hard to provide a smooth experience to all sellers, buyers, and investors and is known for her quality service, ensuring great experiences for every client she represents. Clients appreciate her flexibility, low-pressure sales, patience, ability to listen and hear what a client wants, negotiation and analytic skills, and her ability to accurately price and market a home.

From start to finish she educates her buyers, helping them through every phase of the transaction, making sure that they have the proper budget, adequate financing, understand Escrow and how to look for the best property to suit their needs and budget, earning her clients’ trust and respect.

Tracy works hard to prepare and educate sellers from prelisting through closing. They appreciate her knowledge of the market, negotiation with buyers and their agents and get it done attitude.  

As an investor herself with experience in both buy/ hold and rehab/flipping, she is able to seek out value-add properties and visualize possibilities for her clients to meet their housing goals.

Regardless of the type of transaction Tracy’s goal is to provide a smooth experience, where the agent negotiates vigorously on their clients behalf and one where they walk away with more money in their pocket (or the keys to their dream home without breaking the bank)

Agent Stats for Tracy Taylor:                      Invested and sold over 70 homes          Sold Home Values: $50,000 – $1.3 million    Days on Market Average: 15              Serving Eldorado, Sacramento and         surrounding counties 

After working with thousands of clients and several agents in 2006-2009 as a short sale negotiator, she recognized a pressing need for knowledgeable agents regarding the foreclosure market.  She saw to many people lose their homes due to lack of knowledge.  So, in 2009 Lisa received her agent license and went on to get her broker’s license.

 Lisa understands the sensitivity of divorce, death and financial struggles for homeowners and tries to prepare them weather it is through buying, selling, or losing a home.  

 Education is the primary Pilar in her business. She brings options to the table, strategies for the changing market and knowledge so the clients are at ease during their transaction.

 Weather buying, selling, or investing, Lisa’s believes in smooth transactions, educating her clients, developing strategies and solutions that will close the deal with more money, less time, and a happy client.

 Agent Stats for Lisa Welsh:                     Sold 70+ homes                                   Negotiated: 2000+ short sales           Facilities for over 30 agents                     Loan mod assistance to over 3,000 clients   Sold Home Values: 74,000 – 750,000    Days on Market Average: 12     Serving Placer and surrounding counties