Design Your Next move

Get complete control over your next home purchase or home sale. Your Property Connection works to educate you about the process, the next steps and takes care of the transaction.

"Your Property Connection has helped me, my family and friends. They helped me get through a foreclosure, shortsale and the purchase of our home.."
Alma O
Transportation Manager

Experience your search on the right sites

Knowing you are using the internet to search for homes, check the value of your home and compare; YPC wants you to use the best sites available for your search.  We promise to direct you to the best search engines possible for your search. 

Understand your experience

Here at YPC we believe your experience in buying or selling a home will make or break your opinion of the home, agents and the process.  So we vow to educate you, answer questions, communicate, guide you through next steps and give you quality upstanding referrals for all your needs during and after the transaction. 

remain responsive

As you search or move toward selling, our promise is to remain responsive.  Update you about your listing, answering your questions, helping you find out about the house down the street or just want to know what the next steps are.   Remaining in contract throughout the process will help you manage stress, feel confident about your next move and love us!  

fall in love with our features

Internet based Marketing

We use all social media platforms, groups within the platforms, as well as our private collection of buyers to market your property. Nothing reaches across country quite like the internet!


We have internet and paper testimonials for you to review, here are the links:

Less worry

Knowing what comes next in a transaction takes away the stress of the unknown. This is why YPC educates you about the process and next steps.

Amazingly responsive

We communication how you need us to, not how we want. Phone, text, email, carrier pigeon, okay, maybe not that last one. You get the message!

relationship builder

We want to build a relationship with you not just a transaction. We have referrals for repairs, updates, inspections, remodels, really anything to do with your home. So call us when you need something.

Real time Search

Using the internet to search for your home is the only way to go! I have access to real time sites that I will connect you to and you have access to the web. Searching FSBO's, private sellers, pocket listings and the internet between the 2 of us we will find you the perfect home.